B-Va Productions

Stuff I do

• Drumming for various projects

• Recording, arranging, mixing music & podcasts

• Recording & creating podcasts about music, teaching & kids

• Composing music in various styles

• Chart writing and arranging for various instrumentation

• Making silly kids' music

• Making somehwat silly adult music

• Trying to be a better partner & parent

Who I Am

My name is William Bausch. Some know me as... Beaver. A long story involving naively sadistic parents and an obviously slow-witted child. I grew up in Newtown, CT, went to school in Ohio, lived in Boston for a year and headed to New York City. Now I'm in Philly. Anyway, I like music a lot and have had the good fortune to study and play with some amazing folks like Donald Byrd, Alan Dawson, Enrique Plá, Ralph Peterson, Phil Bowler, Harvie S, and the late Juan Pablo Torres. I am part of a musical collective known as Grupo los Santos. I play in some other bands, including the spectacular Mark Miller ensemble. I am obsessed with music technology. And until quite recently, I was a music teacher in NYC public schools.