Kaori Fujii: flute

William "Beaver" Bausch: drums

Photo by Verta Maloney.

Clave y Viento is a flute and drums duet mixing classical virtuosity with Cuban clave.

The duo first met when Japanese flautist Kaori Fujii came to New York City to record an album of Jobim tunes in different Cuban styles(!).  Beaver was hired to play the session (which was a blast), and later to join Kaori and tresero/guitarist Ben Lapidus on a short tour of Japan. Which led to another tour, which led to the question: What could drums and flute play together?


Beaver tried to answer that with La clave del viento, a sadistic piece which treats the flute as a rumba party with drums along for the ride.  Somehow Kaori not only survived playing it, but turned it into a (literally) breathtaking triumph.  The maiden voyage is posted below.


Fast forward a bunch of years later, and Beaver wrote a sequel (which kind of feels like a prequel) called Bokoso, which treats the flute like three batá drums.


The new EP Clave y Viento: Music for Flute & Drums features both of these duets, plus a traditional rumba for two flutes and drums, and a quartet arrangement of the first bit of  J.S. Bach's Violin Concierto No. 1 in A Minor, adding piano and bass to the mix.

Sheet Music

If you're interested in purchasing the sheet music for any of these pieces, you can contact me via email. Payment through PayPal (to paypal.me/bvadrums) is easiest, and I'll send you the relevant PDF as soon as I receive payment.