Music Production

Some Stuff I've Played On

Goodbye to Analog

Drummed on about half of this kick-ass rock album for my high school buddy Angelo Gianni and his project, Treadmill Trackstar.

La Rumba is a Lovesome Thing

I have had the privilege to play on many of Paul Carlon's large group recordings, including this one: an amazing collection of Billy Strayhorn tunes brilliantly arranged in a plethora of Cuban styles.

Funky Cha

I was fortunate to play with bass master Harvie S for a number of years, partly documented in this recording. Harvie was nice enough to record my arrangement of Monk's "Rhythm-a-ning."

Phil Bowler & Pocket Jungle

In 1991, I sought Phil out to teach me how to play. And man, did he teach me! Some twenty years later, I wanted to repay the man, so I teamed up with the guys and surprised him with this recording session. I wrote a couple of tunes, arranged a couple more. A special day documented on disk!

Some Stuff I've Mixed

Woodbine Falls

I recorded some overdubs and mixed this record for this awesome indie rock band featuring searing guitar and mind-crushing flute!


Dr. Barry Huppert writes kid's music. I am proud to have recorded, played/programmed all the instruments, arranged, mixed & mastered this ode to Upstate and family.

Clave Heart

My band, our band, THE band. :) I wrote some of it, recorded some vocals and batá drums, we mixed it. Played the drums, too, I think. Good stuff!


I didn't mix this, but did record some vocals and cello. Fun record, great musicians.

Clave del viento

This is a duo piece I wrote for flautist extraordinaire Kaori Fujii for a quick tour of Japan a few years back. We recorded it at Avatar Studios and I mixed it. A beast of piece (what happens when somebody who doesn't need to take a breath to play writes a piece for somebody who does)-- yet Kaori kills it! This was the second take, no edits. Also available on iTunes here.