Songs for Kids

Banana Song

My ode to my little girl's favorite fruit.

Hush Little Baby

The lead vocal debut of my 2.5 year old spawn, joining my wife & I in covering a classic.

Snug as a Bug

I wrote and recorded this lullaby with my wife when the baby was two months old. Both ladies are featured on vocals. :) Funny how my efforts at composition are often steered by what I need in my life.

Brush Your Teeth

Nothing's easy with a toddler. Here's my desperate attempt to encourage proper dental hygiene. While she appears to love the song, I have seen no evidence that it has impacted her actual practice.

5 Little Monkeys

Upon entering parenthood, I was subjected to hours of badly performed, awfully produced children's music with horrid MIDI arrangements, including one of this song that lasted literally for an hour. Or was that "Wheels on the Bus"? {Shudder} So here's my version, which the world so desperately needs. The meter changes to reflect the current bed occupancy of each verse. My wife finds it slightly creepy. T doesn't seem to be bothered.

Lila & Taitym

A song for my nieces, commissioned for one whole dollar. Family discount, no refunds.