Songs for Older Folks

Song for the Mat

A song from the unfinished (well, un-begun)  Dojo: The Musical! An ode to the sweeping of the training mat after aikido class.

Flying Buttcheeks

A song for my nephew, who perverted a pop song. I made a new one to return the favor. Please don't sue me.

Awkward Song

I wanted to write a bad song. One that barely rhymes about somebody trying way too hard yet having no idea how to achieve their goal. A song that blatantly panders. This is that bad song.

Wobbly Pants

Playing around with the "wobble bass," came up with another song for my muffin.

The Muffin Song

My most popular work to date, through no fault of my own. An a capella ode to my muffin.

March to the Scaffold (danzón)

An arrangement of Hector Berlioz in a Cuban style (or two or three), recorded with faculty from Bronx Prep Charter School back in the day, as they say. I'd love to perform this with a chamber orchestra someday!

Talk Me Down

A song of fear & gratitude for my amazing, astounding wife.